Second Mortgages for Waterloo Homeowners Offer a Financially Sound Future

Waterloo: An Ontario Investment Hub

Real estate experts rate Waterloo as one of the top ten communities in Ontario to call home. It is one of the technological centres of the country and has been dubbed the number one investment town in Ontario. The city has made a commitment to transportation and infrastructure, drawing even more people to invest in both real estate and local business. For such investments, most people do not realize they have an important asset at their fingertips that can help further financial success. Using home equity mortgages, Waterloo homeowners can continue to invest in their community while enjoying financial success. Options like a home equity line of credit (HELOC) will empower homeowners to use what equity they have built to invest for future needs like retirement.

Understanding Home Equity

Home equity is easy to comprehend. Equity is the market value of the home, subtracted by the amount of debt still owing on the home. Homeowners need at least twenty percent of their equity built before they can borrow against it. Second mortgages (those that are borrowing against the equity or the "first mortgage”) can only borrow up to eighty percent of the total equity. This is the fixed amount a homeowner can qualify for in a HELOC.
A HELOC is not unlike how a credit card works but with a better interest rate and a flexible repayment schedule. A fixed spending limit is assigned to a borrower and interest is only paid on the amount taken out of the loan. This fixed spending comes from the amount of equity in the home. HELOC loans are popular choices for homeowners because of the following benefits:
  • Predetermined spending limit – helps with budgeting and prevents accumulating further debt.
  • Flexible spending – great for an "as needed” basis, including reinvesting in property through home renovations or investing in a small business. The ability to borrow from your home equity at any time for any investment or project.
  • Zero time-based limitations – as long as homeowners pay the minimum interest payments, borrowers continue in good standing with a HELOC loan. There are no penalties for paying more against the principal amount and once the balance is paid off, the loan is still available to borrow from.
  • Lower interest rates – significantly lower than credit cards, making it easier to pay back and minimize debt.

Managing Debt for Future Success

HELOCs can also help to consolidate debt to prepare you for future financial investments. If you find yourself playing catch-up with outstanding bills, this type of line of credit offers a solution for debt management. Using the equity in your home, a HELOC loan can pay off outstanding debt, leaving you with one monthly payment that is easy to make at a lower interest rate.
Joining with a fully licenced mortgage professional will help Waterloo homeowners find the loan that is best for them. Investing in local Waterloo business can help fund future financial needs like retirement planning, purchasing recreational property or going on an extended dream vacation. Whatever your needs, brokers can offer the right advice and provide the guidance you need for success. 


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